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Michael Scher

I was born 1960 and grew up in Copenhagen and at an early age I believed I would become a famous artist.

At the age 20 I went to England to study, not art however but chiropractic. I graduated from AECC (Anglo European Chiropractic College) 1987. The following years I worked in London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Malmö.

Expressing myself artistically in different medias, working with my hands and making pendrawings was still there but took up a very little part of my life. 1996 my daughter was born and my desire to paint grew stronger, however it took a couple of years getting started for real.

At my 40 years birthday I got my first proffessional easel, brushes and paint.  

2003 I sold the Malmö clinic and moved to Skillingaryd, a small town in the forest of Småland, southern Sweden. Since then I have been painting part time, selling my art while running a small chiropractic clinic.

Some of my paintings have been on exhibit in



Jönköping (wetterstrand),


Stockholm (Strand)